The Woman Behind the Writing (Well, Sort of…)

1. My name is Jennifer. I’ve also been called Jen-Jen, Jenn, Jeffernino, and Shaffe-dog. {My maiden name is Shaffer which explains that last one.}

2. When I was a kid, my dad nicknamed me “Little Round Brown One”. I was chubby & tan.

3. I have one sister who is a year older than me, but I’ve always been mistaken for the older sister because I stand a good 4 inches taller than her.

4.Everyone thought my sister and I were twins growing up.

5. My mom is from the Philippines. My dad is from the North. And I grew up in the South. No wonder I was so confused as a child!

6. When I was a kid I used to go to bed listening to my Walkman. If you don’t know what that is, you’re young.

7. The first cassette tapes I owned were Aerosmith & Paula Abdul. (See #5.)

8. I quit choir in 4th grade because of a boy.

9. I drive a minivan but would prefer to drive an SUV due to the “coolness” factor.

10. I was a foster mom for almost 2 years. {It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Props to you, foster parents, out there. My heart still breaks a little when I see old pics of the kiddos we cared for.}

11. I am a peanut butter junkie. Sometimes I just grab the jar and a spoon.

12. I don’t get coupon-ing. I just shop cheap.

13. I really don’t like “stuff”. I can’t stand clutter. However, motherhood has forced me to adapt.

14. I’ve popped my knuckles my whole life. Fortunately, I stopped biting my nails.

15. I love coffee-flavored ice cream. It’s even better topped with M & M’s.

16. I like chocolate.

17. I’m an Arkansan, born and raised. Go Hogs!

18. I see so much of myself in my oldest daughter. It’s scary.

19. I was pretty silent throughout my young childhood and adolescent years.

20. In my early 20s, I started volunteering to do the readings in front of the church to help me get over my fear of speaking. {I attended a catholic church on my college campus.}

21. I’ve tried a lot of sports…basketball, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, golf. Sports are not my thing.

21. Music and creative arts are my thing. I’ve played piano my whole life. I sketched in college. Now, I write.

22. At sporting events, I have a hard time paying  attention because I’m so distracted by everything else going on. (see #21)

23. I’m the assistant coach for my daughter’s soccer team, but I’m pretty much just a glorified cheerleader. Go Team!

24. I have to answer the question, “What happened to your head?”, a lot because of the birthmark on my forehead. It looks like a bruise.

25. I used to be so self-conscious of my hairy arms.

26. I graduated from high school in ’98.

27. I hit my rock bottom in the winter of ’98.

28. If I had a life motto, it would be: “I make cheap look good.”

29. I feed my kids frozen waffles for breakfast way too often.

30. The idea of being “fit” is nice, but life is too short (and crazy for me, right now) so I do what I can, but I still eat the “bad” stuff way too often and  exercise not often enough.







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