Before I Knew You



When I was a child,

I sensed you in the sunlight.

I felt you in the breeze.

I heard you in the birds’ song.


When I was a little older,

I saw you in a concerning glance.

I felt you in the consequence.

I experienced you in my sleep.


I didn’t know you, but I sensed you always…

watching me,

guiding me,

protecting me.


Then one day, You opened my eyes to see…

You give Life.

You bring Hope.

You reveal Truth.


And, now, I know…

Your Way is better.

Your Way breathes life.

Your Way brings hope.


Now, I have children of my own and my heart whispers,

Open their eyes.

Give them Life.

Show  them Truth.

Make them Yours.

“See what kind of love the Father has given to us that we should be called children of God and so we are.”

1 John 3:1

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