Accepting The Hand That’s Reaching Out to Help


When I became a bride nearly 10 years ago, all I knew how to prepare was spaghetti, bean burritos and cheese dip. My husband mostly grilled or baked pizza . He purchased a pizza oven our first year of marriage.

I was overwhelmed at the thought of cooking. It was torture trying to follow a recipe. I meticulously read every detail over and over. I felt like I needed to get everything exactly right. I believed there was no room for error.

I perceived two categories of people–those who could cook and those who couldn’t.  I put myself in the latter category. This belief was rooted in the idea that cooking was a talent rather than a learned skill. I believed you either had it or you didn’t; and I didn’t.

One of the best gifts I received as a young bride was a book of recipes from my sister-in-law. She had put together some of her own go-to recipes. To me, this book was like the steady hand that a toddler reaches for when he or she is first learning to walk. It gave me just enough support to begin finding my way around the kitchen.

The first few years, my cooking wasn’t great. Slowly, I started figuring things out and I eventually graduated from toddlerhood when I started stepping out on my own to try new recipes.

Almost 10 years later I can, honestly, say that I enjoy cooking. I don’t freak out about doing everything  EXACTLY RIGHT. I’ve learned that it’s okay for ingredients to be substituted or omitted and that measurements don’t have to be exact. My husband and kids may not love it, but it’s okay.

Before I go, marinate your heart in this Truth awhile. Life is less about being perfect or even being right, and more about humbling ourselves  to acknowledge that we could use a little help. Life is about learning, growing and moving forward. It’s about killing the notion that you have to figure it all out on your own. Sometimes we’re able to help, but other times we’re the ones in need of help.

imagesMTQI0ERRLife’s about taking hold of that hand that’s reaching out towards you. No, it’s not a hand that you can see with your physical eyes. You have to see with the eyes of your heart.

Be still. Be silent. Can you sense it? That’s not just any hand. It’s a perfect and holy hand. It’s the hand of your Heavenly Father reaching out for you and waiting for you to take hold. Like a toddler learning to walk, you will stumble and fall. That’s just our nature. But there is One who will always be there to help you back up,…IF you reach for Him.

“Now I stand on solid ground, and I will publicly praise the Lord.” Psalm 26:12

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