Leave the Laundry Unfolded…It’s Okay

To Do List

It’s 6:53 in the morning and already so many things swirl in my head–wash the dishes, paint the dresser, fold the laundry, clean the floors… I am a task master. I like to make lists and, better yet, I love crossing things off. In fact, I get so much satisfaction from doing this I not only check off the item I also draw a line through it.

Busyness is one of my bigger hang ups. What is it that drives me onto the next task keeping me from being fully present in the present?…

[Life interrupted–28 hours later]

In the 28 hours since I last sat down to write this, I had 3 children to feed, clothe, teach, love, discipline, change, rock, play with, bathe, read to,encourage, comfort, listen to, share with and laugh with. Many times throughout my day I have to intentionally put down the dirty dishes, leave the mountains of unfolded laundry and decide, maybe, my floors can wait another day; all for the sake of showing my children that they matter. To the unexpected visitor it may look like I can’t keep up, that I’m overwhelmed or even lazy, but what is unseen has a much higher premium in my home.

When I look at my 3 daughters, I see 3 young women with the potential to impact the world. I consider it an honor to be entrusted with their care and guidance during my short stay on earth. It is no small feat to cultivate a lasting spiritual legacy that will continue to bring Light to a Dark world and bring honor to the Creator of the Universe.

Motherhood is a high calling and women need to hold onto that truth because many things try to convince us otherwise–our flesh, our culture, others. We are responsible for passing the baton on to the next generation, so leave the dirty dishes and the unfolded laundry. They’re not going anywhere, but someday our children will go. Let’s make sure they’re prepared to carry the baton onto the next generation.

“Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.” Psalm 144:4

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